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Q: How to access to my new Office 365 account?

A: Login to

Q: Will my email address change after upgrade?

A: No. Your USM email address will continue to be

Q: Will my username and password change?

A: Your username will remain the same but your password will be your IC / Passport Number for intake before 2013.
For intake 2013 and later, the password will be as advised in your offer letter.

Q: How to view my documents that I previously uploaded to SkyDrive?

A: Login to to have access to your documents in SkyDrive.

Q: How to change Office 365 password?

A: Login to

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?

A: Make sure you know which account you would like to reset:

  • To reset password for your Office 365 account, please visit Servisdesk Counter at PPKT, Bangunan D37, USM.
  • To reset password for your Personal Microsoft Account, please click here

Q: My email in my phone/tablet is not accessible anymore. What should I do?

A: You need to re-configure your email account in your phone/ tablet.

  • For mobile phone configuration guide, please click here .
  • To know your mobile phone setup reference, please click here